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The House

Just two blocks from the Medical School and situated on river road, Nu Sig is the perfect location.

Our house is a 13-bedroom home with kitchen, living room, dining room, wood-burning fireplace, and accessible parking.

Both regular and large size rooms are available. 2 rooms have a half-bath, and 1 room has a full bath. All rooms are private, clean, and welcoming. Scroll down to see more pictures of the house.

Common spaces include living room with tv, large conference table, fully stocked kitchen, in-house free laundry, etc. In addition, house goods like paper towels and dish soap are purchased by the house and restocked frequently.

A variety of room types are available, from large rooms to rooms with private baths, rooms are located in the basement, on the first floor, and on the second floor. All rooms are private. See room layouts below.

How much does it cost to live here?

Our rent is kept artificially 50% lower than rent for our area to allow you to focus on school. As it stands, the current rent rates are 525/mo:

Not included in the room rates is the optional parking fee: $100/year for paarking in our lot (only available to second year students), and $25/year for a street permit (first year option).

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